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For over many years, the Distance Education Centre started by Glory Academy has been Coimbatore's major provider of distance education courses for students of all domains and we deliver programs to more than 500 students each year.

The programs are designed to meet the educational needs of students whose circumstances prevent them from accessing courses at regular courses. While many students are travelling, ill or find regular college difficult, many others use the our services to enroll in their favourite courses and pursue their dream degree.

Course materials can be delivered via the web or by a combination of quality print-based, audio and visual learning materials.

The teaching and learning program is carried out by individual teachers, and regular and ongoing contact between teacher and student is encouraged and expected.

In many cases, eligibility criteria must be met by students wishing to enrol for courses at the Glory Academy. Different criteria may be applied at different degree programs. For information and applications for enrolment, see Contact us

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